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Ctrl. Alt. Delete. the stereotypes


As a storyteller I always have my eyes open for stories that shift our world view. As a blogger I always try to bring ideas to my community that will allow us all to grow together. As a woman I always have my eyes open for dialogues that change the way women think about themselves.

Here are three videos that spoke to me as a storyteller, woman and blogger. I got goose bumps watching how in a short space of less than five minutes they challenge our world view and encourage women to be more and do more!

Remember - The only thing standing between you and your new reality is the story you are telling yourself. Change your story. Change your life!

I would love to know what you thought of these videos. Which one spoke loudest to you and why? Because conversations lead to connections and connections change the world

1. Run like a girl -- an incredible campaign which shows how we tend to put ideas in young people's head about what it means to do something like a girl. Love the last statement. Watch it now!

2. Tanisq Mia -- An amazing ad about being confident in what you do and how you look. Loved the tag line.

3. Keep her in the game -- This is a personal favorite of mine. Having been the only girl on an all boys football team (even if it was only for a summer!) I know this is very important. Spots teach skills that can be used at work and in life. We need girls to play more sports!

Whether you are a woman or a man, together we need to revisit the assumptions we make about women that limit their potential and their ability to contribute as full members of the workforce. Be it myths about running, jewelry or sports. Please share this blog so we may change things together. Tell me which video was your fav and why?

(This article was first published on LinkedIn)

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