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A powerful question.

How I keep myself pointed to my north star. Always.

We all focus often on where we are going.

We set goals and work hard to get there. However, an equally if not more important question to ask is - Who am I becoming in the process of where I am going ?

If you become a version of you that ends up far removed from your truth then no destination is worth that journey. 

Like they say, the price of success is the life you gave up for it.

This photo was taken in the midst of a my rather hectic book tour in San Francisco. Having arrived a bit early at NetApp I took the time to block out the world, take in the sun and meditate on this question.

It is a question that keeps me grounded and pointed in the direction of my north Star. It is also a question that allows me to be mindful to what is emerging and seeking expression in my life and what needs to be realigned or even dropped altogether. Try asking yourself this question and you may be surprised at where it leads you.

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