• About the author: Dr. Tanvi Gautam

    Award winning leadership consultant, coach & keynote speaker.

    Winner of the Game Changer award (Workforce Magazine USA)

    Change leaders of tomorrow award (Asian thought leadership conference)

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    Why I wrote this book

    From Singapore to San Francisco, from Mumbai to Manila, from Paris to Penang, I have been in sessions, conversation and coaching calls to help women rise to their potential. While the usual topics such as personal branding, networking, negotiation help, there is something more than matters beyond it all. It is that 'something' that I have seen transform the trajectory of women who have worked with me. And it is that 'something' I hope to share with you.


    I have gathered key insights, secrets and pathways to help you in a journey to your authentic and inspired self. Many of the practices and insights are hard earned wisdom of falling and rising in my own journey, which no matter how seemingly perfect on the outside, has been marked by many struggles, heart aches, hard work and sleepless nights. There were many points in the story where I did not know the answer but I chose to show up where life wanted me to meet it. Stepping into the unknown, the uncomfortable and the uncertain was only possible when I turned inward and that is why the title - The spark lies within.


    I have written the book keeping in mind that most women barely have time to get their nails done leave alone read pages upon pages of text. I wanted the book to be an easy and impactful read. A first step in a journey inwards, a catalyst to conversations that are crucial but not common.


    I am blessed to do work that has impacted the lives of women at a personal & professional level. I have sought to inspire them to see their own greatness and these women in turn have had an impact on me as well. We are co-creators and sisters on the journey to our fullest potential.

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    Working with women globally

    A project close to my heart

    I have had the honour to launch and lead several global women and leadership sessions for companies like Johnson & Johnson, GSK, Shell, BNP Paribas & more. The one most special to my heart is being the founding director for the women and the leadership program at Singapore Management University. Why ? Take a look at the 2 minute video.

    Forbes Power women Asia list - BBC world

    What does it take

    Not everyday that you get asked to make a comment on the wife of the Prime Minister live on air ! My response though was from the heart and hopefully allows us to understand that women and their multiple identities add to what we do.

    Some articles & interviews

    My thoughts

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