• It is time to go where the answers lie

    " You are the one you have been waiting for"

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    Sometimes you lean in and sometimes you lean out.

    Sometimes you think the answer lies somewhere

    'out there' without a doubt.

    But the ones who have found the answer will tell you this for sure

    We are nothing but stars wrapped in skin.

    The spark that you seek

    'lies within'.


    It is time to talk to the one person who knows the right answer for you. It is you.

    Come on a journey of reflection & self discovery where you awaken to the power of the woman within.

  • What other leaders say

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    Alicia Tillman

    Global Chief Marketing Officer (SAP)

    Dr. Gautam led a session at our regional customer conference for over 100 men and women discussing Modern Leadership with a focus on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Her presentation was inspiring, motivational and filled with research and examples using both video and data points. She is warm, engaging and a true expert in leading dialogue around diversity and how to inspire change in your business. I would recommend her for your next corporate event - whether that be large or small, she has excellent presence and was extremely well received by our attendees.

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    Mike Howard

    Global CSO (Microsoft)

    Dr. Gautam's ability to tell stories that tie in her personal experiences to leadership, diversity and gender equality is brilliant. She is a great storyteller, a she uses to perfection in drawing in her audiences. Dr. Gautam has great energy and her passion for her work and the topics she speaks about is evident and a thrill to watch. I have upped my leadership acumen via my association with Dr. Gautam

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    Steve Gutzler

    President, Leadership Quest

    If you're looking for a speaker of substance, creditability and inspiration, she hits the mark "and then some!" Having partnered with her, I have witnessed her ability first hand and marvel each time!

  • More than a book

    An invitation

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    This book is an invitation.

    To step into

    a space of reflection

    To take the first steps in the journey of

    self discovery.

    You will find in it a spark of inspiration, a friend, a resource guide, a journal,

    a refuge from the striving and demands of

    daily living.

    But more than anything else....a catalyst to invite you to a life in alignment with yourself.

    A life only you and you alone can create.



  • What are you seeking to feel ?

    If you choose 2 or more you need to pick up this book.



    Success and fulfilment

    are not the same.

    Sometimes, we may have success

    at the cost of fulfilment.

    How do we then define this for ourselves ? What is the touchstone ?




    We need to own our truth in order to live by it.

    Too often our voice is drowned in the noise of the

    outside world.

    What is your truth and

    how can you

    hear it better ?



    To be able to show up in our true power we need to first be grounded in it.

    What ritual or practices

    can we adopt to feel grounded in the frenzy of daily life ?



    A nourished life

    begins by acknowledging

    and honoring the desires we hold deep within.

    How do we follow and nourish the dreams we have ? Here and now.



    When we live a life in alignment with our aspired self we feel 'in spirit' i.e. inspired.

    What are some of the blocks in the way of leading a life more inspired ?

  • Share the word !

    Let us get more women involved in finding the spark within.

    We need to build each other up because a rising tide lifts all boats.

    Go ahead and share the spark !

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